ARPEC: "D" partner for the growth of your brands

Listen to your needs and objectives.

For any new product, ARPEC commercial process starts with a “best fit” analysis based on channel compatibility, complementarity and non conflictive with our current suppliers.

Once the first screening is completed, we are addressing other key components of a sound marketing strategy such as pricing, launch plan, merchandizing & advertising budget and, sales incentives.

To measure early performance and make the necessary adjustments and accelerate growth and market penetration, we developed internal tools to make comparisons with similar products and markets with our 10 best selling retailers of the new product, a good indicator of the early success or challenge of a brand.

We recommend our clients to complement findings with a qualitative analysis based on retailer questionnaires and consumer focus groups.

Once the product distribution is established and acceptable market penetration is achieved, the brand performance is regularly monitored through monthly reports and annual reviews showing details by category and geographical areas.