A journey initiated in 1955 among boutique shops, village markets and kiosks

The journey started in 1955 in Ascoli Piceno when Mauro Maurilli was granted the exclusive distribution of shoe care products from ERI, RECKITT and other important producers for the Marche, Umbria and Molise regions.

For 35 years, Mauro visited a myriad of shoe repair shops and specialized shoe stores across these regions.

In 1991, Mauro retired from the sales agency business and, in the following years, the company shifted its activities to production and wholesaling solidifying its relationship with Fabbrica Chimica Unione, a reputable entity specialized in Shoe Care and accessories.

35 years of field experience servicing a variety of small businesses

Alessandro Mariani was involved in the business since the age of 12 by helping during weekends with manual packing of the products, developed a special interest in the distribution end of the business.

In 2003, at the end of his academic education (Industrial Design), Alessandro created a new entity realizing that his future business rested on Modern Distribution. Therefore, he started to develop the necessary tools to audit sales across the entire Italian territory.

Equilibrium between traditional and modern distribution channels.

This business realignment required a different set of skills where prompt service is more important than the traditional commercial approach based on historical contacts and friendship.

Consequently, two new product range of shoe accessories were created: Comar® and Loveway® exclusively assembled in Italy with special attention to quality typical to the high-end shoe manufacturing industry of our region.

Once the harmonious equilibrium between the traditional and modern distribution channels was achieved, the company reached a new operational level: in 2016, ARPEC ITALIA was created.

An exponential growth in a specialized industry.

In 2017, ARPEC maintained its exponential growth through the introduction of new specialized products. Today, the company offers more than 1,000 SKU’s including shoe strings, a variety of insoles, accessories, trendy products such as GEL and memory foam and, all types of shoe care items.

Besides direct delivery to chains central distribution platforms, ARPEC owns delivery vans and service vehicles to service individual stores located in all regions of Italy and, a centrally located warehouse in Ascoli Piceno, providing easy access to national coverage.

Expansion plan.

Add new products compatible with our distribution channels

To leverage our logistic infrastructure: delivery, warehouse and merchandizing capabilities