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Loveway® is a new product line created for a young and active customer. A refreshing new way to communicate comfort and hygienic properties. Loveway® underlines the exponential growth of ARPEC Italia over time and confirms the company's ability to bring added value to distribution.


Comar® is a traditional line sold in over 100 large retail chains throughout Italy. It is the first brand produced and distributed by ARPEC Italia. Intended for mass distribution, they mark the transition of ARPEC to modern distribution. Quality and durability are the main characteristics of the product range.


The adidas® Group is a global leader in the sporting goods industry, offering a broad portfolio of footwear, apparel and hardware for sport and lifestyle. ARPEC has been chosen as a partner for the distribution of specific products for shoe care in compatibility with our portfolio. adidas® products we distribute can be used to protect, clean and waterproof shoes and other sports accessories.


Reflex is a trademark of Fabbrica Chimica Unione Srl, a partner of ARPEC for many years. Reflex products are classic and quality products. Reflex is a traditional supplier of professionals and ARPEC contributes to the achievement of small retailers spread throughout the country thanks to its flexibility, speed of the process and its long experience in traditional distribution. For Reflex products, ARPEC is also the only partner for the GDO.